This book, which is already being translated into several other languages, starting with English, is in line with the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Declaration. This Declaration bears 27 principles relating to the protection of the environment. The last of these states that :

« Peace, development and environment protection are interdependent and inseparable; environmental rules must be respected even in times of war ». The book, which has been made very concise so that it can be read by everyone, without any fatigue, thus joins environmental law to international humanitarian law.

Already in the introduction, I’m trying to demonstrate that the tree is an eternal hero who lives among us and prevails over the legendary Prometheus. It was because he breathed air purified by the tree that he got the strength to steal the fire (symbol of intelligence) from Jupiter and give it back to humankind. Far beyond that, the tree transmitted this fire to all generations. Those who live far away in the forests can survive for a week on fruit-harvest alone and therefore have everything to say about the benefits that they get from the tree!

The book has two chapters

The first, entitled « More than all the precious minerals in the world, the tree prevails! », i am trying to remind the whole of humanity, including the Congolese themselves, of the strange and marvellous character of the tree; this being of nature that has moved poets since antiquity. Among the most recent poets, I can only mention Aimé Césaire, one of the tenors of negritude :

✔️ The tree, one of the wonders more than the heroes of mythology

□ It immortalises the name.

The name  « Athens » the city to which we owe all liberal arts and science, immortalises the name of the goddess Athena for having planted a tree, the olive tree, as a gift to the inhabitants of the new Attic city.

□ The tree, a sign of peace and victory

The crown of tree, the olive tree, became the symbol of the Olympic Games. The leaves of the tree (the olive tree) are the emblem of the United Nations in that this tree is the symbol of peace, the victory over global insecurity.

✔️ The tree survived the floods both in the Bible and in mythology

The tree in its benefits.

Trees have a thousand uses, but we cannot list them all.

The tree gives life to man, starting with food. In Latin, as in Indo-European languages, the tree is considered as a feminine being; because it is the mother of fruits. Among the many fruits of the tree, we can mention in passing *that of the development of the human spirit.* It is thanks to the tree that since ancient times we have been able to read (consider the papyrus, paper), a tradition that has been handed down to us today through the tree;

The tree is man’s most precious friend. The tree purifies the air that humankind breathes; the tree is man’s artificial lung;

The tree, the forests are the true pharmacy of the world. The Romans used to say: « Doctors take care of illness, while nature cures it (= medici curant, natura sanat) ». The medicines that heal the whole world come from the tree. Therefore, it is basically the tree that cures the disease after the doctors have busied themselves! _In any case and briefly, after Jesus Christ, the tree accompanies us to the grave; and even beyond that it sometimes becomes a monument to the deceased. Therefore, the tree is an eternal hero who lives among humans; the tree serves as a comfort and safety for mankind. (…)

In the second chapter, the stated « Advocating for green peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo: and world life depends on it! », i am trying to invite us to peace, just as the above-mentioned Rio Declaration says that peace and the environment are inseparable.

In fact, if « the trees have been dedicated to the deities (the Oak to Jupiter, the Laurel to Apollo, the Olive Tree to Minerva, the Myrtle to Venus, the Poplar to Hercules) » the gods are already unlimited in number. The gods are each and every human because man is created in the image of God.

By waging war in the DRC, a country that is environment-wise, we are making:

● A paradox of climate change warnings and wars, which reasons for deforestation.

War and insecurity engender disgust, aversion and repugnance for trees and forests. War and insecurity are thus a loss to nature conservation and environmental protection.

Yet by giving peace to an environmental place, humanity gains for itself in that the friendship of the tree goes further than the place where it is planted (the photosynthesis of trees and forests absorbs greenhouse gases; they give the world fresh air. They are the irreplaceable guardians of the climatic balance. The climate does not belong to the sovereignty of any state, the climate is everyone’s).

Overall, the trees and forests of the DRC are, in the global climate, a garden of a thousand flowers that offer a thousand colours for the beauty and brightness of a liveable planet!

So, we should know that in reality Egyptian civilization owes its fame to the trees and forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Waging war in the DRC is harmful, not only to the Egyptians, but more so to the world economy, which will be forced to take humanitarian action.

In my book, I have come to the conclusion that Egypt is rather the gift of the trees and forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This, contrary to what the Father of History and Geography, HERODOTE taught us when he said that Egypt is the gift of the Nile.

My conclusion is mainly based on two premises:

No trees, no rain. The Mayan Civilization disappeared due to the drought caused by deforestation. [ Findings of the US NASA studies]. Trees actually play a role in the rainfall regime. In Egypt, many prayers are addressed to the god Hâpy, considered to be the personification of the Nile floods. However, the floods owe their appearance to the trees that cause the rainfall, not to the Nile as such, as it is quiet in its bed. The silt carried by the floods is in fact what fertilizes the Egyptian fields and makes Egypt an Oasis;

Studies have demonstrated that the hydrous balance (of the waters) is facilitated by the trees. It goes without saying that without the trees, the Nile cannot have its regular flow. Without trees the flow of any watercourse will be reduced. And it follows that without the trees the water of any river will regress so that its floods will never again overflow its bed and will simply be limited to the place that was observed thanks to the water balance before deforestation.

It would therefore be necessary to re-read history, considering from now on that the trees and forests of this geographical space of the sources of the Nile which became the Democratic Republic of Congo (after the Berlin Conference of 1885) are the mystery (etymologically, *mysterium* what is hidden, secret in existence) of what keeps Egypt not deserted since time immemorial.

Maître MUHINDO MULUMBI Jackson Lawyer at the North Kivu Bar, ONA: 10059; NIF: A1723009E, Advisor to the Provincial Minister of the Environment in North Kivu, residing in the City of Goma, his WhatsApp account is +243 995 88 42 42, E-mail:

Goma, on the occasion of the National Tree Day in the Democratic Republic of Congo, celebrated every December 5th.

The book is sold online AMAZON, DECITRE, FNAC, CULTURA, etc. at a modest price, so that the ideas it conveys may reach as many people as possible in the world (15 Euros for the paperback book and 7.99 Euros for the digital)